17 DIY Halloween Decorations And Fun Game Ideas

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Halloween decoration and activities ideas

You’ve certainly celebrated Halloween before, but perhaps you don’t know that this a party emerged over 3,000 years ago among Celtic people. Every year, on October 31st, they celebrated their harvests, the end of summer, and the beginning of another year, according to their calendar.

The Celts also believed that supernatural beings roamed the earth on that day. To maintain harmony with the spirits of the supernatural world, the people dressed up and offered treats to anyone who asked.

Years later, around the 20th century, Halloween arrived in the United States. Over the years, the celebration has become a cultural tradition and is celebrated annually amongst children and adults.

Trick or treat?

Halloween has become one of children’s favorite holidays, because in addition to being able to dress up as their favorite characters, they can have fun with their friends and go trick-or-treating.

In addition to all the fun and Halloween decorations, this holiday also awakens children’s creativity, which contributes to their development.

DIY Halloween Decorations

After knowing a little more about this holiday full of fun and joy, how about getting inspired with games and decorations for Halloween? Check out our tips below: 

Ghost lollipops

Ghost Lollypops for Halloween

After choosing your favorite lollipops, cover them with white tissue and tie them with black or orange ribbons. With a black pen, customize the lollipop with ghostly faces.

Scary balloons

Scary Halloween Balloons

Balloons are great decorative pieces for every event. To make your Halloween celebration even more fun, fill white and orange balloons and, with a black sharpie, draw scary faces. Be careful not to pop them! Tie each one with black ribbons and spread it around the house.

Creepy hand Popcorn Bags

Creepy popcorn bags

In clear plastic disposable gloves, put candy corn and gummies on the tip of the gloves to create nails, and fill the rest with your favorite flavour of popcorn to create the shape of the hand. Tie them with orange or black ribbons!

Spider dishes

spider dishes

To make these creepy little plates, choose black disposable ones. Use a hot-glue gun to attach the base of the straws to the sides of the plate. Complete the decoration by gluing googly eyes on your spider. Once ready, just fill them with the treats you want.

Tiny witch’s broom

witch broom

For the broom handle use fun colorful straws. Cut out small pieces of black and orange fabric to make the base. Use string or black ribbon to tie the pieces of fabric to the straw and you’re done!

Mummy jars

mummy jars

Bandage glass or plastic jars with gauze. Then, use a black sharpie to draw fun little eyes on your mummy. Place sweets and treats inside the jar or place an LED candle inside and spread them around the house.

Personalized Halloween books

Halloween Personalized Book

Create a personalized book such as “The Best Halloween Party Ever.” The child chooses their favorite costume during the personalization process. Your little one will enjoy seeing their name and likeness in their own unique Halloween book.

Fun bats

Fun bats

On black cardboard paper, draw and cut out the bat’s wings. Use a hot-glue gun to secure the wings to the clothespin. You can make this Halloween even more fun by glueing little googly eyes on the bats!

Scary paper rolls

scary paper rolls

Decorate the toilet paper rolls with little eyes and scary faces. You can even turn them into your favorite Halloween characters! Then, cover one of the openings with a small piece of cardboard and fill the rolls with candy and treats.

Halloween games for kids

Ring toss

Halloween Ring Toss

To make this game look like Halloween, just use small witch’s hats as a target for the rings.

Horrifying challenge

Horryfying Challenge

Write some challenges on small pieces of paper, such as for children to walk like a zombie, imitate a vampire, or play a prank on someone. Then put all the challenges into a special bowl and let the fun begin!

Guess the number of sweets

Guess the number Halloween

Fill a decorated Halloween witch’s hat or bucket with candy and challenge the children to guess the exact amount of treats in the container. Give a fun prize to the winner!

Pumpkin game

Pumpkin Game

Fill some orange balloons and add some of them with treats. Leave the rest of the balloons empty. Stick the balloons on the wall, you can even create a pumpkin shape, and invite the kids to pop them until they find all the candy.

Monster bean bag toss

Monster Beangbag Toss

Decorate empty cans with scary faces and stack them in a pile. Choose a small ball or create a bag filled with beans and challenge the children to knock over the pile of cans.

Halloween bingo

Halloween Bingo

Among the Halloween games, bingo is a super fun option for everyone to play. The personalized card with witches, pumpkins, vampires, and other figures guarantees spooky fun for the little ones.

Create your ghost

Create your ghost

To explore the creative side of the little ones, cut the ghost patterns out of cardboard paper, and provide cotton balls, glue, crayons, and sharpies. Invite them to customize their own ghost the way they want.

Costume contest

How about organizing a costume contest with the kids? To make the game even cooler, choose different award categories: the scariest, the funniest, or the most improvised. Let the scary fashion show begin!

The child as the protagonist on Halloween

Halloween Personalized Book

After checking out inspirations for Halloween games and decorations, it’s time to find out how to make your celebration unforgettable.

In the personalized book “The Best Halloween Party Ever” the child chooses their favorite costume during the personalization process. In this incredible book, the child will organize their own Halloween party, and have fun trick-or-treating with their friends.

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