5 Christmas Songs For Kids That Will Get The Whole Family In The Spirit

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Christmas Songs for Kids

During the holidays, we’re always on the lookout for Christmas songs for kids! Singing songs is a great way to bring your family together and introduce them to Christmas music for kids that the whole family knows and loves. Whether these are sacred songs of the Christmas tradition like Silent Night and Joy To The World or more modern songs like Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, we’ve got some fun Christmas songs for kids that will get them singing.

1.   Fall Asleep In Heavenly Peace To This Beautiful Carol

There’s no Christmas song for kids that evokes the beauty and sacredness of the Christmas tradition like Silent Night. This Christmas, why not make Silent Night a part of your bedtime ritual? Although the original song has several verses, you can just focus on the first verse. And if your child is struggling with the old-fashioned language, try this modernized version:

Silent night, holy night.

All is calm, all is bright.

Round our father, mother and child.

Holy baby so happy at night.

Sleep in heavenly peace!

Sleep in heavenly peace!

2.   It’s Time To Fa La La La La!

This is one of the best Christmas songs for kids. Deck The Halls is perfect for getting even the smallest child involved. That’s because its call-and-response structure lets you sing the bulk of the words while your child can simply respond with, “Fa La La!” Here’s a great interactive game you can play with your children. Instead of singing “boughs of holly” pause so that your child can insert a Christmas item that they see in the room. Then when it gets to “Don we now our” instead of “gay apparel” have them add an item of clothing they are wearing. Round it all off with a rousing “Fa La La La La La La La La!”

3.   Jingle All The Way In Your Own Christmas Carol For Kids

Every child loves singing this Christmas song for kids. Shake things up and give Jingle Bells some new life and get your kids moving at the same time! Have your family sit in a circle on the floor. Take a small bean bag or soft ball and start things out by tossing the ball into the lap of one of your other family members. That person then needs to jump up and walk around the circle, singing their own version of Jingle Bells. This can include animal noises (Meow, meow meow all the way!) or even animal motions (Hop hop hop!). When they have made it around the circle, they get to sit down and toss the ball or beanbag to someone else. Make sure everybody joins in with the new song!

4.   Your personalized 12 Days of Christmas

This update on the classic Christmas carol requires some planning and is best for older kids that have already begun to read and write. Get everybody together around the table and write the numbers 1 through 12 on 12 different squares of paper. Then brainstorm modern ideas for your personal family’s 12 days of Christmas. This could include things like, “3 cell phones ringing” and “8 dogs barking.” Once they have come up with 12 ideas, deal out the cards so that each person has a more or less equal number of cards. Now start the song and when you come to each line in the song, whoever has the corresponding card will hold it up so everyone can sing along.

Family Christmas

5.   Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Why should Grandma be the only one to have fun in this song? You can make up your own Christmas song for kids and let everybody have a chance to get run over! This one is great for singing in the car. And it’s so easy that even the smallest child will sing along. All you have to do is replace the word Grandma with the name of someone in your family. After everyone sings that verse a few times, the person named gets to name someone else. Your kids won’t be able to stop singing, “Daddy got run over by a reindeer!”  Thankfully, your chances of being run over by a real reindeer are close to zero!

More ideas to get your family into the Christmas spirit

Personalized Christmas Book
Christmas book for children

As you can see from these examples, creating Christmas memories requires a little extra effort. These Christmas songs for kids will become part of your family tradition and draw you closer together. Making old songs into fun Christmas songs for kids is more interactive and a great way to teach your children creativity through fun and play. If you’re looking for more Christmas traditions for your kids, consider the PlayStories personalized Christmas books. Each book features your child’s name and they will get involved in exciting Christmas adventures, even meeting Santa Claus! 

PlayStories What If Every Day Were Christmas? is a perfect bedtime story for your child during the Christmas season. And having their name in the book will make it even more special. Another book to try is PlayStories Holiday Snow Surprise. Your child is the star of the show getting the whole neighborhood in the Christmas spirit on a snowy day.

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