6 Ways to Strengthen The Bond Between Dads and Children

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How to strengthen the bond between dad and children

We share several tips on how to strengthen the bond between dads and children, through affection and simple habits, which makes all the difference in this very important relationship.

Becoming a father is a unique experience, which brings many discoveries and emotions, as well as concerns and insecurities. Therefore, being a father can’t be taught: no matter how many books the first-time father reads or advice he receives from friends and family, it is in the experience with his children that he learns what it means to be such an important figure in someone’s life.

Fatherhood: a relationship that is built daily

The affective bonds between dads and children are created and strengthened daily, which is important for the child to grow up healthy and happy. With their family’s routine, dads are able to establish more lasting and deeper connections with their children.

A study carried out at the University of Michigan showed that children with participatory dads demonstrate more self-control and cooperation skills, confirming that the bond between dad and child influences their social development.

Tips to strengthen the bond between dads and children

The connection between dads and children can become even greater with simple habits that improve communication, trust, family relationships, and affection. Here are some tips on how to strengthen this bond with your little ones:

1. Engage in their school activities

Tips to strengthen the bond between dads and children

Early on, school becomes one of the main parts of children’s daily lives. Therefore, to truly participate in the lives of children, staying engaged in their school activities is essential. And that goes far beyond asking how their day was at school. This can involve helping with homework, knowing what the child is learning, knowing who their friends are, asking what they think of the teachers, and attending meetings and events on special dates.

This involvement is especially important  for the family to recognize when the child has some learning or socialization difficulty.

2. Watch cartoons, movies, and series together

Dad watching a movie with his daughter

Having fun as a family is one of the best ways to strengthen bonds. How about watching something of their choosing with them?  It could be a movie, a cartoon, or a TV show. There is so much content out which is appropriate for children that is equally interesting for adults. In addition to spending more time together, they will have something they like in common and those memories will be a topic for many conversations between the dad and his little one.

3. Read to the child before bedtime

Bedtime is perfect for snuggling up with the little ones in bed and you can enjoy this moment much more by reading a book together. Studies show that reading to a child helps to strengthen the emotional bonds between the child and the reader.

Children feel very special when the father dedicates himself entirely to them during reading, especially when he is not around during the day. Creating a habit of reading is great both for the child’s development and for strengthening the father’s bonds with them.

4. Learn something new together

Dad cooking with his son

Dads are always teaching their children something while learning from them. So, why not learn something new together?

It can be a delicious recipe to enjoy, a new game to play with the family, or building something very cool with blocks, for example. This will show the child how good it is to work and learn as a team, especially with those we like!

5. Share your stories

It may seem obvious, but children don’t know who their parents were before they became parents. Surely you have many stories to tell your little one: something about your childhood, the games you used to play, or even stories about their grandparents. Showing old photos and sharing these important memories is essential for the child to know the history of their family, and thus, strengthening your relationship.

6. Show affection

Dad and daughter showing affection

Everyone has their ways of showing affection. There are fathers (and mothers, grandparents, grandfathers…) who cannot help themselves and fill their children with kisses all the time, while others do not have the habit of showing affection physically.

For children, however, this is very important! Touch stimulates nerve endings that promote well-being and a sense of security. That is why hugging and combing their hair are two of many ways to strengthen an affection bond.

What matters is the time dedicated to this relationship and the memories that are built together. After all, the bond between dads and their children is for life. <3

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