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How Can Children Learn During Summer Break?

School holidays are a time for rest and, of course, lots of fun! But it’s not just in school that children learn new things....
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10 Rebel Girls In Sports To Inspire Kids

They changed the history of sports with courage, talent, and confidence. Find out more about who are these rebel girls in sports that kids...
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10 Rebel Girls In Art To Inspire Kids’ Creativity

To further encourage little ones to unleash their creativity in childhood, learn about the stories of some of the most incredible and rebel girls...
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10 Rebel Girls in Science To Inspire Kids

Encourage children’s contact with the scientific universe by introducing little ones to the inspiring stories of Rebel Girls in Science. Children’s curiosity to discover...
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Easter Cupcake Recipe

Make this holiday even more fun and colorful! See the Easter cupcake recipe tip to make with the kids. The Easter season has a...
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How To Encourage Girl Empowerment In Childhood?

To walk towards a future with more equality, it’s necessary to understand the importance of female leadership and learn how to encourage girl empowerment...
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Trending Baby Names and Their Meanings

Choosing the name of your baby is a very important and exciting time for parents, but there are so many of them that it...
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8 Children’s Books About Feelings to Read with the Kids

Playstories is all about transforming children into protagonists to develop self-identity and spark interest in reading. In our social-emotional learning (SEL) collection, kids and...
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The Little Prince: Learn 10 Amazing Facts About The Book

Learn all about Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince, one of the most famous works in the history of world literature.
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Name That Dino! 308 Dinosaur Names For Kids

Prepare to arm your little one with Paleolithic knowledge, because we’ve made a gigantic list of dinosaur names for kids! Its plain to see...
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