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Dinosaur Costume Hat: How to Make a Jurassic Accessory.

Dinosaur costume hat

If your little one is in love with these fantastic animals, they will enjoy becoming one of them with this homemade dinosaur costume hat!

Dinosaurs are giants, exotic, and some can even fly. Children are enchanted by them and love playing with these fantastic jurassic animals.

How about making a dinosaur costume hat at home with the little ones? Read on to learn a fun way to mix their reading with art!

How to make a dinosaur costume hat:

Using just a few materials, you’ll see how easy it is to make a dinosaur spike hat for your little one. Click here to watch the video and see the complete written step-by-step:



Use the template to draw and cut 8 to 12 scales just like this:

  1. Glue the middle of the spikes to two of the strips: one will be the dinosaur’s tail and the other will be the top of the head.
  2. Then glue the two ends of each triangle together, forming the spikes.
  3. Glue the ends of the third strip of cardboard in a circle, adjusting to the size of the child’s head.
  4. Glue the front and back of the circle, creating the band that will be on the top of the head.
  5. Glue the dinosaur tail band to the end of the headband.
  6. Wait for the glue to dry and you’re done!

Now your little one has a spiky hat for their dinosaur costume!

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A dinosaur book with your little one!

Besides playing and having fun with their dinosaur costume hat, the little ones can now truly be part of an adventure in the Jurassic world. The personalized book ‘A Journey Among Dinosaurs’ takes them back to a world filled with dinosaurs for a very important mission: to save an egg that was separated from its family.

Click here to make your little one the protagonist and hero of this amazing story!

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