Name That Dino! 308 Dinosaur Names For Kids

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Prepare to arm your little one with Paleolithic knowledge, because we’ve made a gigantic list of dinosaur names for kids! Its plain to see that dinosaurs, no matter which era you search in, are super cool! But no one else is as crazy about them as the young ones in our lives (except paleontologists, but even that’s debatable!) Unlike a lot of fantastical creatures kids are usually interested in, dinosaurs were real, and they dominated the Earth for millions of years. They certainly have left quite a mark on the world as we know it today, as the fossils they left behind provide glimpses into the lives they lived before we came to be.

Today, we see dinosaurs rendered in movies and TV, becoming a genre of entertainment all on its own. Seeing these awesome creatures in their prime sparks the powerful imagination of children everywhere. If your little one is starting to take a vested interest in the prehistoric, this list can introduce them to different types of dinosaurs, and the names of each belonging in the group. We’ve practically put together a phone book for dinosaurs, so let’s get started! Here are 308 dinosaur names for kids and their meanings!

Armored Dinosaurs

These dinosaurs were of medium size, and got around by moving on all fours. These dinosaurs got the name from the plates of armor made of bone that protect different parts of their body. They helped defend against their predators.

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Known for having a beak tipped skull, Ceratopsians used to roam what is now Asia, North America, and Europe. They’re herbivores, meaning they only eat plants and not meat or other dinosaurs. They were around during the Cretaceous period.

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Herbivores once again, Eurnithopods stand on only two legs, with some of them using all four of their limbs every now and again. They are of medium size, with some variation from species to species in their speed and behavior.

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Give it up to the largest land mammals to ever exist on Earth, for they are Sauropods! They had absolutely enormous necks, and incredibly long tails. Despite their great stature, they only ate plants.

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Large Theropods

These dinosaurs are the larger ones in the Theropoda. They were originally carnivores, but different branches of the family tree evolved to become omnivores, herbivores, and a lot of other things. They’re known for having three toes on their feet.

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Small Theropods

Though still part of the Theropod family, small theropods can have their own section seeing as there is plenty of them. They were carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores, and walked on two legs. Birds are also in this group.

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If you still want to know more about dinosaurs or what the world was like while they were still alive, then visit the Natural History Museum for more!

20 Bewildering Dinosaur Facts!

You may be familiar with their names by now, but there’s still a lot more about these huge creatures that we are in the dark about. Paleontologists are still studying dinosaurs and fossils to this day and discovering mesmerizing findings about their ancient lives. We still know a good bit about them though, so here are 20 dinosaur facts you may not have known!

  1. You may have noticed that the Pterodactyl wasn’t on our extensive list. That is because despite popular belief, pterodactyls are not dinosaurs! Though winged reptiles they may be, they belong to their own group called pterosaurs. Though having a common ancestor with dinosaurs explains the resemblance.
  2. Small Theropods often had feathers growing out of their bodies.
  3. Speaking of feathers, birds today are technically modern day dinosaurs because they shared a common ancestor.
  4. Dinosaur fossils have been unearthed in every single continent in the world, speaking to how much they really got around!
  5. Scientists believe that a lot of dinosaurs are actually just as big as us or smaller.
  6. “Velociraptor” means “fast thief.”
  7.  British Paleontologist named Richard Owen was the first to use the term dinosaur.
  8. All dinosaurs lay eggs to reproduce, which is a common trait for reptiles.
  9. When it’s time to hatch, the dinosaur baby bursts from the shell!
  10. Dinosaurs have relatively small brains compared to ours.
  11. Birds and most carnivorous dinosaurs have a common trait: some of their bones are hollow!
  12. Dinosaurs went extinct around 65 million years ago.
  13. The word dinosaur actually means “terrible lizard”!
  14. Plesiosaurs ruled the seas while dinosaurs ruled the land and pterosaurs ruled the skies.
  15. Although reptiles are almost always cold blooded, some dinosaurs are actually warm blooded!
  16. Some dinosaurs were actually smarter than others as they had varied brain sizes.
  17. Some plant eating dinosaurs evolved with eyes on the sides of their heads to detect danger while they were busy feeding.
  18. Dinosaurs built nests to house their eggs, much like birds.
  19. Dinosaurs evolved ways to defend themselves from other dinosaurs.
  20. Dinosaurs went extinct 65 million years ago. The most accepted explanation is that a giant meteorite crashed into Earth, causing a chain reaction that would result in the extinction of many life forms. Because the impact was so powerful, lots of dust blocked the sun’s rays, causing a lot of plants to wither. With nothing for the herbivores to eat, they slowly went extinct, as did the carnivores and the omnivores.

Dinosaur Books For Toddlers

Start your children’s love for dinosaurs early! These personalized dinosaur books for toddlers will place your little one in the Jurassic period, going on adventures with their prehistoric pals we just learned about! Playstories makes it super easy to personalize their books. You simply have to put input your child’s name and create an avatar to represent them in the story. A surefire way to spark their love for reading and dinosaurs at a young age. They’ll learn about what we’ve gone over, all while having great fun!

The Fantastic Dinosaur Birthday book in particular would make the perfect birthday gift as the dinosaurs in the book will join in on the fun of celebrating your child’s birthday!

With our On A Journey Among Dinosaurs book, your little one will become a hero to another little one, a baby dinosaur for that matter! A dinosaur egg gets separated from the rest of its family, and it’s up to the reader learn the way of the dinosaurs to safely reunite the baby and its parents!

In both books your little one will discover and explore the prehistoric world, all while practicing and nurturing their love for reading.

Well, we hope that we’ve given you and your child lots of dinosaur knowledge to chew on. Dinosaurs were reptiles that come in many different shapes and sizes, some eating plants, while others ate each other. They went extinct millions of years ago, but their legacy carries on even today. It’s no wonder that it’s such a popular topic among kids and adults alike. It’s a fascinating peek at what existed and claimed dominion over the Earth before us. If our children continue down this path, then we just might be creating the next generation of Paleontologists, who could discover even more about these iconic reptiles. Even if could be a bit of a stretch, knowing lots of dinosaur knowledge and facts never hurt anyone!

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