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Five Steps To Choosing A Reading Book For Kids That They’ll Actually Read

For those who love to encourage a passion for reading, choosing a reading book for kids is very pleasurable. But that doesn’t mean it’s an easy task!

Since there are many options, it’s sometimes difficult to choose the best book. After all, it depends on the child’s age, taste, reading ability, and many other factors that influence which book is suitable.

Next, you will see a practical step-by-step guide to no longer worrying about this problem. Our experts have separated valuable tips to help you choose the best books for your little reader!

Why is choosing the right reading book so important?

To start, let’s understand why it’s worth worrying about choosing the best children’s book for each child according to specific periods of their lives. In general, experiences with books in childhood greatly influence the relationship that each child will have with reading in the following years, and even in their adult life.

By choosing appropriate and interesting storybook for kids, we avoid:

How to choose a children’s book?

Here are 5 steps that will help you decide which storybook is the best choice for your little reader.

1. Analyze the complexity of the text

To understand whether the story of a book is suitable for the child, it’s necessary to know its level of language development and reading. It is not always possible to generalize, but indications by age groups help adults choosing a children’s book that suits them better.

For children up to 3 years old, it’s recommended to give preference to books with short sentences, straightforward language, and small amounts of text on each page. While developing their reading and writing skills, the little ones can be presented to more complex stories, with longer blocks of texts and more advanced language.

2. Look at the illustrations

Up to 2 years old, drawings in vibrant and contrasting colors help the child to focus their vision while it is still developing. Did you notice that the illustrations are coordinated with the text? We created it like that so that the child makes associations between words and pictures during reading.

Look for illustrations of different styles: symbolic, stylized, minimalist, etc. A well-illustrated children’s book offers the child an aesthetic experience, which enriches their repertoire and sparks their joy for reading.

3. Take a closer look at the material

Choosing a children’s books material is also an important factor in the reading experience. Hardcover books are more valued as gifts, and they last so long that they can become lifelong memories.

Thicker sheets of paper are good for the child to be able to handle the book alone without tearing. 

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4. Check the author or publisher

If you go inside a bookstore, you’ll find thousands of different children’s books. However, not all have the same quality. A very important point to check is the presence of the name of a recognized author or publishing house. This helps to ensure that the book has a literary quality, has been created by experts, and follows all recommendations for products designed specifically for children.

5. What is your kid interested in?

The theme of the story is a very important factor. Generally, books that describe children’s experiences and everyday objects spark interest. Around the age of 4, little ones are interested in the alphabet and numbers, which they are learning at school. From the age of 6, they tend to like action and adventure, preferring to read about exciting stories and superheroes. It’s important to diversify the themes and present different genres to the small reader.

But the most essential thing is to know the children and what they like. Are they in the stage of liking dinosaurs? A specific character? They want to be astronauts and learn about space? A book with a theme of interest in each stage of their lives is sure to be a special gift!

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