Gifts For Kids Of All Ages

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Gifts for kids of every age

When choosing gifts for kids we love, we are always concerned about creating a special memory. Even better when the gift encourages the child to learn in a fun way.

A carefully chosen book as a gift to a child can be kept as a keepsake forever. If the child is in the story, it becomes even more special, and will surely be a memory for a lifetime. That’s why a personalized book is a unique gift, created especially for that child by the person who gives it. But how to choose the best book for each child?

To help you out, we’ve selected indications for each age group. Take a look!

Gifts for children 0 to 2 years old

Babies and toddlers often get lots of presents! After all, who doesn’t like to pamper them? Toys and outfits are the most common choices. Books are also a special gift for the little ones, which show affection and can become a memory for a lifetime.

Books for babies?

In the early years of childhood, children are getting to know the world around them. They listen to what people around them say and are learning to make meaning out of the words. And of course, they explore the world with all of their senses: picking objects up, putting it in their mouths, watching everything that happens, and listening to every sound.

Children’s books are great for entertaining little ones, without relying on tablets and other electronics. They are one of the first ways in which children come into contact with art. The illustrations attract a lot of attention and begin to sharpen the children’s aesthetic notion. Listening to stories is also a great incentive to learn to form sentences and start learning how to express themselves.

For the little ones who are still developing and starting to discover the world, we suggest some stories that will encourage them in a playful way!

Personalized book - Happiness Monster
  1. Getting To Know The Little Monster Of Happiness

Finding out where our happiness comes from is the first step to being happier! In this book, written by Tonia Casarin, your little one will understand what makes this monster appear in our bellies and why it makes us feel so good.

Personalized Book - Journer Through Ice
  1. On a Journey Through Ice

In this personalized book, your little one will travel to the world’s coldest place in a very fun adventure. After all, Tiberius, the penguin, needs help to create his own band! Who knew that the polar bear plays the flute and the Orca Whale sings opera?

Personalized Book - Little Red Riding Hood
  1. The Tale Of Little Red Riding Hood

Your little one becomes the main character in tales that have crossed generations. Along with Little Red Riding Hood, they will discover the truth behind the Big Bad Wolf. Create your personalized book and have fun with this new version of the classic story.

Gifts for 3 to 5 years old

Personalized Book - Dinosaur
  1. On a Journey Among Dinosaurs

Your little one will be the great hero for an egg that got separated from its family. In order to protect it from the dangers of the Jurassic world, the protagonist of this story learns the ways of the dinosaurs. Together with your child, discover this prehistoric mystery while having fun and encouraging reading.

Personalized Book - Three Little Pigs
  1. The Tale Of The Three Little Pigs

Straw, wood, or brick? In this Classic Collection book, the child will help the three little pigs build their homes and also protect the new friends from the famous Big Bad Wolf. Create the book and have fun together with this new version of the story!

Personalized Book - Savannah
  1. On a Journey Through The Savanna

The animals of the savanna woke up looking different! The elephant is lighter, the meerkat now has a long neck, and the rhino is all striped! Your little one will be the hero of this entertaining book which teaches you to appreciate what is unique in each one of us, with a funny and completely customized story. Come! Let’s travel through the African savanna!

Gifts for 6 to 8 years old

Personalized Book - Bob and Biscuit
  1. Bob and Biscuit – The Mysterious Box

As the protagonist of this exclusive adventure, your little one will learn the value of friendship with two new friends: Biscuit, a playful dog, and Bob, a green cosmic jelly which does not really understand human beings.

Personalized Book - Scary Friendship
  1. A Scary Friendship

It seems a scary creature lives there…But should your child be afraid? This story takes them on a fun and amazing journey, full of life lessons.

Personalized Book - Forrest
  1. On A Journey Through The Tropical Forest

In this customized book, your little one will explore the forest, which is home to the beautiful blue macaw and the jaguar, the largest cat in the Americas. Will they find the Pink Dolphin of the region’s legends?

Gifts for 9 to 12 years old

Personalized Book - Now I am
  1. Now I Am

Who knew so many adventures could fit inside a theater dressing room? In this book, your child will be joined by a new friend to explore the world of fantasy, and pretend together in many funny stories.

Personalized Book - Lost My Pet
  1. What A Mess! I Lost My Pet!

During a family road trip, your child is accompanied by their favorite toys … but wait! Where is the family’s pet? This book takes the reader on a fantastic journey through their own surprising imagination.

Personalized Book - Anxiety
  1. Getting To Know The Little Monster Of Anxiety

In this fast-paced world, it is very important that kids learn how to deal with this common emotion. In this book, written by Tonia Casarin, your child becomes the main character in a story that will teach how important it is to live in the present when the little monster of anxiety shows up.

Gifts for life!

It is important to remember that the suggestions for each age are just tips to help when choosing the story, and were designed based on the children’s developmental stages. Playstories believes that, regardless of age, books are for the inner child that lives in each of us!

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