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8 Reasons This Feeling Grateful Book Is One Of The Best Gratitude Books For Kids

8 Reasons This Feeling Grateful Book Is One Of The Best Gratitude Books For Kids

Thanksgiving is an ideal time for parents to talk to their children about the meaning of gratitude, but these lessons are valuable throughout the year. There are many ways to teach kids gratitude year-round, and one very simple yet powerful approach is through our new personalized book, Feeling Grateful Day! Read on to see why it’s one of the best gratitude books for kids that teach appreciation and generosity.

1. It’s a memorable way for a child to learn about gratitude

Personalization in books can have a positive impact on children’s learning engagement, confidence and ambition. Personalized elements are found to have improved reading comprehension, a positive that may be connected to the story’s relevance to the individual. Playstories books are created to go beyond literary learning and developed to help children understand big feelings in relatable ways.

2. Create an avatar that looks like the child

Make your child’s avatar by customizing the hair, skin and eye color. Children will enjoy seeing themselves come to life across the pages, creating a memorable experience for young readers.

3. Every page is personalized!

Simply personalize the book with the child’s name and create a cuddly character image that reflects the child’s unique identity. They’ll be mesmerized spotting themselves walking, hugging, waddling and playing on every page.

4. Make your child the protagonist of their own grateful adventure

A walk on the playground with their best friends will make the child realize that simple things, such as a hug from someone we love, a flower garden, the taste of fresh bread or even the heat of the sun are reasons to be thankful everyday!

5. Add a free personal dedication

When your child opens their book, the first thing they’ll read his a personal note from you. Use our pre-written dedication or write your own heartfelt message. Something to remind your little one how much special they are and how much you love them.

6. Beautifully written with mood-lifting illustrations

Colorful, bold and playful illustrations that grab your child’s attention on every page. Your child is the center of this grateful adventure and they will smile with joy as they spread the feeling of gratitude to throughout the neighborhood.

7. You can create your book in minutes

Create your child’s avatar by starting with their name and then choose skin tone, hair and more to create the protagonist that looks exactly like them. Preview the complete and personalized story online for free before placing your order. Your little one will receive a wonderful hardcover book.

8. It’s a magical keepsake they’ll treasure for years

The personalized book comes in hardcover that helps guarantee the quality and durability of the books to preserve these special memories forever!

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Who made this Feeling Grateful Day book?

We’re Playstories and we make the world’s most unique and personalized books for kids that not only feature your child’s name, but likeness as well. Our focus is on helping children become aware and learn about their own feelings and emotions. We are inspired by children’s imaginations and freedom while creating books where anything is possible. After all, the greatest power of our stories is to show that there are no limits to what a child can achieve.


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