Masha and the Bear Activities

Have fun at home with Masha and the Bear!

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Get Masha and the Bear activities to print at home

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⭐ Spot The Difference Game
⭐ Connect The Dots
⭐ Coloring Pages
⭐ And much more!
Masha and the Bear Activities

More fun and learning with Masha and the Bear

What if, in addition to having fun with activities and games, children could be part of Masha and the Bear’s adventures? Check out Playstories’ personalized books!


A Surprise for the Bear

Masha is always up to no good and having great adventures with Bear. Your little one will help to mess up their life even more!

Masha and the Bear Personalized Book


Playing Through the Seasons

Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, your little one will have fun playing with Masha and the Bear, the inseparable friends!


Masha and the Bear Characters

Learn the names and characteristics of the characters from Masha and the Bear, the cartoon that kids are loving more and more.

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