Masha and the Bear Characters: Learn Their Names and Characteristics!

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Masha and the Bear

Learn the names and characteristics of the characters from Masha and the Bear, the cartoon that kids are loving more and more.

Masha and the Bear is an animated series which launched in 2009 in Russia, inspired by one of their folk tales that has been told from generation to generation.

The cartoon tells the adventures of a girl named Masha and her friend Bear, who always protects and helps her. The series has already been translated into 25 languages ​​and broadcast in over 100 countries! 

Read on to get to know more about each of the characters in Masha and the Bear and what makes the cartoon such a success.

All characters from Masha and the Bear 

In each episode of Masha and the Bear, the little girl, who lives in a house in the middle of the forest, ventures along with her friend Bear and several other characters. Together, this diverse group of animals make the forest their home.

Masha and the Bear is fun for the whole family and teaches viewers lessons about creativity, loyalty, and true friendship in a very fun way. The characters have little dialogue, but they get involved in situations that are funnier than the next!

Get to know each of the characters and the characteristics that make them so special:


Masha and the Bear Characters

1. Masha

Masha is a mischievous 3-year-old girl who lives in an old train station in the forest. Clumsy yet friendly with everyone, she is always getting into trouble.

Masha always walks alone through the forest to play with the animals, especially her best friend Bear. She wears a pink traditional Russian outfit with a pink headscarf. In addition to being mischievous, Masha always demonstrates her cunning ways and intelligence, being even stronger and faster than Bear.

2. Bear

Bear is Masha’s best friend, and is kind-hearted in a fatherly way. He’s serious and calm, but having worked in a circus, he knows how to do magic tricks and acrobatics.

He seeks peace and quiet, yet is always being tormented by little Masha. Bear gets annoyed with his friend’s antics, but despite everything, they are inseparable companions and he misses Masha when she’s not around.

3. Tiger

The Siberian Tiger is an old friend of Bear’s, and he still works in the circus. He has a personality similar to his friend’s, but he can do more tricks and takes more of Masha’s antics.

4. Rabbit

Rabbit is a friend of Masha’s who is also always involved in her mischievous activities. Sometimes he is an antagonist to Bear because he tends to steal carrots from his garden, and he also likes to make fun of other animals.

5. Dog

Masha’s dog is always doing its guard duty, and that’s why it doesn’t always appear in the episodes.

6. Penguin

Penguin is like a foster brother to Masha and seems to like her more than his adoptive father Bear. Cheerful and cute, he calls the Bear “daddy” in the episodes in which he appears.

7. Panda

Panda is Bear’s Chinese nephew and appears to be the same age as Masha. He often visits his uncle from time to time, which makes Masha a little jealous, although the two are friends.

8. Goat

Goat lives in the backyard of Masha’s house with Dog and Rosie. He’s generally unconcerned about what’s going on around him, as long as he has something to chew on.

9. Rosie

Rosie is Masha’s favorite pet, and she always treats her like a baby. Rosie loves the girl but is always running away from her excessive display of love and affection. All that Rosie needs to be happy is good music, dancing, and sunny days!

10. Female Bear

Female Bear loves nature and loves to read poetry. Plus, she has a crush on Bear! She lives in the forest near the river and loves to eat raspberries and cream.

11. Black Bear

The Black Bear is Bear’s biggest rival in the forest. He’s smug just because he’s taller, stronger, and more muscular than Bear. He is vain and likes to work out, always concerned about his body. 

12. Silly Wolf

He is one of the two wolves who are friends with Masha and Bear. The pair live in a rusty ambulance in the middle of the forest and are the “doctors” of the area, when small injuries occur. Silly Wolf is messy and lazy, and always obeys Crafty Wolf’s orders. He is also always hungry and likes to eat anything that fits in his mouth!

13. Crafty Wolf

Crafty Wolf is bossy and always howling orders. He is constantly hungry and trying to hunt the animals in the forest, but he always messes up.

14. Squirrel

In the cartoon, squirrels always appear in the woods, and this one ends up becoming Masha’s friend. He lives high up in a tree and seems to be a little stressed out, wanting to store all the nuts in the forest.

15. Hedgehog

It’s another animal from Masha and the Bear’s friendly forest. He lives inside a tree trunk, loves eating apples, and is not very lucky: he is always in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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