8 Moments That Make Mothers Very, Very Happy

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moments that make Mothers happy

Happiness is in the little things, and this is even more true when it comes to motherhood. Read about situations that make many mothers happy and see if you identify with them!

Mothers are not perfect beings: they are not always smiling, they often make mistakes and get very, very tired. Mothers are also human and, like any other, they have their wants, needs, fears, and dreams. Therefore, it is impossible to define a recipe for a happy and conflict-free motherhood.

On the other hand, many women agree on the same thing: being a mother is transformative and brings unique experiences that are the source of joy each day with their children. Here are some of those moments that make many mothers feel fulfilled and happy. There’s a good chance that you will identify with several of them!

1.     When you know exactly what your child needs

Only those who live with the child can know them so deeply and understand the signs of their every need. Does the “mean face” tell you they are hungry, tired, or about to throw a tantrum? Are they dancing back and forth for fun or because they want to pee? When you recognize these signs, it is because you have a close bond with your child and that is a reason to be very happy.

2.     When you see your child being kind to others

Do you know that child over there? The one who is asking the other kid”do you want to play with my toy?” They learned to be supportive and to empathize through you! Seeing children treat other children and adults with respect, or saying “please” and “thank you”, is a very gratifying feeling. It brings confirmation that you are raising an incredible human being, even though this is not an easy task.

3.     When you have a good night’s sleep – before the alarm clock or your child wakes you up

On most days you will likely wake up wishing that the night would be a few more hours longer. Even on weekends, chances are your child will get up early and you will have to start the day before catching up on your sleep. That is why, although rare, it feels so good to wake up alone and feel well rested! When that happens, enjoy that moment of silence and peace that all mothers deserve.

4.        When your child has fun with you

Mother and daughter having fun

Having children means that you get to act like a child from time to time while playing with them. When your child asks you to stop what you are doing and play with them, it is because they love sharing those moments with you. And it’s beautiful to see how much fun they have and love your company! These moments together will remain in your memories forever.

5.     When you cure your child’s cold without getting sick too!

When their children become ill, mothers are also at risk of catching a cold or a virus too. And being sick at the same time as your child is not good at all. So, when your care makes the little one’s cold go away without catching it too, it is a win! Only you know the relief and happiness of seeing your child healthy and happy again.

6.     When your child eats something healthy

It is not easy to encourage healthy eating when your child sees appetizing, but not very nutritious foods on TV, on the internet, or in the street all the time. Of course they will ask for it, and sometimes you will give in. So it is very rewarding when you see them eating healthy food with ease! But know that this habit has to be encouraged daily. Don’t give up on your efforts of presenting them with healthy food. 

7.     When you have someone to count on

Motherhood transforms women’s lives, where most of the time they give up a lot for the sake of their children. If you have someone to rely on in this process, things can get easier. A friend who visits and brings a meal so you don’t have to cook. Someone in the family who offers help to do some housework or do the dishes in the sink while you rest. The companion who shares the tasks, concerns, and problems of everyday life. Grandparents who take care of their grandchildren so that the mom can have time for herself. This support network makes a lot of difference and is necessary for the pleasurable moments to multiply in everyday life!

8.     When you share your experience with other moms

Sometimes the doubts and difficulties of motherhood end up making it a lonely experience, even with all the happiness brought about by the children. Therefore, having other mothers to talk and share these experiences is very positive. Knowing that you are not the only one to feel the fears and uncertainties is a relief. Learn from the experiences of other mothers, have someone who listens to you, and truly understands what you are going through. This exchange is a source of comfort, friendship, and security for moms!

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