5 Moments With Mom That Children Never Forget

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Mom reading to son

Which mother does not remember the feeling when she found out that she would become a mom? Or the feeling of holding your little one in your arms for the first time? Their first cry, first word, first day at school… mothers don’t forget. But what about the children?

A son usually does not remember how their mother spent sleepless nights looking after them as a baby, nor how difficult it was for her to leave them at school alone for the first few days. Yet, there are moments of that special relationship that children will remember forever! Have you ever imagined what they are?

We asked adults about their memories of moments they shared with their moms in childhood. It is easy to see that the affection and love between mothers and children are the main ingredients for unforgettable memories!

See below some of the moments with mom that children never forget. 

Scolding that ends in hugs – and even laughter!

Mom scolding daughter

Every child makes mistakes, throws a tantrum, and makes mischief. As a result, a mother teaches, scolds, and of course, scolds again! Who does not remember when they did something wrong and got the biggest scolding because of it, but then learned a lesson for the rest of their life?

“One day I came home from school with a cute pencil with a colored eraser on top. My mom knew it wasn’t mine, so she made me confess that I stole it from a classmate. The next day, I returned the pencil, apologized, and learned to respect what belongs to others.” – Anna

The good part about scolding is when it ends in a lesson learned and a loving hug from mom. And if the child ends up laughing, even better!

The moments for two in the day-to-day

Mothers always want to provide the best experiences for their children and do everything they can to do so. Sometimes, however, those daily moments are the ones that matter most. That walk in the park, or having their favorite ice cream together.What really matters is the special company!

“When I was a little girl, my mother and I used to take the bus to the city center because I loved it! On the way back, she always bought me a snack! I will cherish it forever because it’s a special memory that we share, just me and her. ” – Caroline

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The bedtime stories

Children sometimes take some time to fall asleep, so telling stories before bedtime is a habit for many mothers. Reading together strengthens the bond between mother and child, creating pleasant memories and, of course, giving a good night of sleep for the little ones!

“My mother was reading me a story before going to sleep, lying in bed. It was the same story that I asked to read every day! She was so sleepy that one day she stopped reading what was written and said that the character ‘was quiet and getting ready to sleep’. I got angry and said ‘Mom, that’s not how the story goes!’ She woke up startled. To this day we laugh about it. She just wanted to rest.” – Samantha

Taking care when the child is sick

Mom taking care of sick child

Is there anything better than having someone to take care of you when you’re sick, someone that shows affection of the size of the world? A child never forgets how mommy made that hot soup when they were sick, got up in the middle of the night to take care of them, and only went back to sleep after making sure everything was fine.

“When I was a kid, I remember that I got sick and had trouble sleeping, I was coughing a lot by the time I went to bed. My mother would get me out of bed wrapped in my blanket, and sit on the porch with me on my lap. She would put a cloth with alcohol on my neck, singing and telling stories until the cough had subsided.” – Andrew

The mother’s affection for teaching 

Mothers are teaching 100% of the time. They teach how to eat, how to walk, how to speak, how to write, how to do math, and so much more. They even teach what they didn’t even know, learning new things just to be able to teach to their little one! Mothers are their children’s greatest teachers, and they never forget that.

“My mother and I always rode horses together on our farm. And I will never forget that she taught me how to pick fruit while standing on the back of the horse! I loved going out with her and getting mangoes straight from the tree. I couldn’t wait for it! It was our adventure! ” – Jane 

Happy moments with mom

“My mom always watched Disney movies with my sister and me, and she used the lyrics of the songs to teach her how to read. Because I was little and my mother did not want to leave me out, she used to read Aladdin’s part, my sister with Jasmine’s part, and I with Abu’s. ” – Carey

The unforgettable moments for all children are those when the mother welcomes, protects, and teaches them. These special memories between the two provide so much security and comfort. 

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