Personalized Coloring Book For Kids: Download At Home For Free!

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Personalized Coloring Book

This personalized coloring book will entertain children in a fun and educational way! Download one for free and let the fun begin!

Our blog is all about providing you with tips, games and activities that you can do at home with your little ones! Today’s tip is an extra special one that will feature your child’s avatar.

Our new, personalized coloring book combines the magic of our stories with the power of imagination by letting your child control what the story looks like through colors and drawing. This makes the experience even more fun and unique – inspiring their love of reading AND art at the same time.

Learn more about the book and see how to create it!

What is a personalized coloring book?

This book features your child as the main character of the story! They will experience an amazing adventure with animals, where they can complete the stories, color the illustrations, and even make their own drawings!

How to create a personalized coloring book?

The customization of your coloring book begins on

  • Step 1: Create your child’s character, with their name and physical characteristics.
  • Step 2: Pick whether you want to have your custom book printed and sent to you house (with a special discount, of course) OR download it for free and receive it in your inbox to print out. 

Our coloring books are printed on premium paper and feature an artist’s profile that you can fill out about your child so they have this as a keepsake for life!

Customize and download: Coloring the Animals

Coloring Book Animals

Children will love being part of the book Coloring the Animals, which brings together the animal kingdom and the universe of colors. They will be able to color dinosaurs, wild animals, and even species from under the sea. Inspire creativity in a unique way!

Have you downloaded your personalized coloring book? Tell us in the comments how it was to color the story with the children!

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