What is the moral of the “Three Little Pigs” story?

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Three Little Pigs Morals

Have a better understanding of the morals of this classic tale and what children learn from this world famous story.

Who doesn’t know the tale of the Three Little Pigs?

This children’s tale has been read all over the world since the 18th century. The story that has marked generations is well known: each little pig wanted to live in his own home and should choose a good place, away from the Wolf, where he could be safe. Eager to play and have fun, the two youngest little pigs quickly built their houses out of straw and wood.

The third brother, on the other hand, put a lot of effort into making a sturdy brick house. With the arrival of the hungry Wolf, the houses of straw and wood were destroyed with ease, but the older pig managed to keep himself protected and even welcomed his brothers who were in trouble.

The lesson of “Three Little Pigs” seems very clear: with the older piggy example, children learn that dedication and hard work pay off and are worthwhile. Now, let’s understand this teaching more deeply and discover what other lessons the classic tale provides to our small readers.

Moral of the story and learnings

A study done by researcher Marilyn Fleer, a professor in the Department of Education at Monash University in Australia, shows how fairy tales encourage children’s learning. According to the researcher, they relate to the stories where they feel motivated to solve the character’s problems, which makes them emotionally engaged and provides learning that is taken into everyday life.

This learning is closely related to the moral of “Three Little Pigs”. In the story, children can compare the examples of characters who take two types of attitudes: first, focused on immediate pleasure, or instant gratification, and the second, the ability to postpone pleasure to do what is right, or looking at the long-term benefit..

When the younger little pigs choose to make their homes in an easier and faster way, they end up experiencing bad consequences later in the story.

The older little pig, with more experience, realizes the importance of planning and putting more effort into the construction of his house. He postponed immediate pleasure to ensure the best for his future.

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