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Traveling With Children: What to Pack?

Traveling with children

The school holiday season is the greatest opportunity to travel with the family. If traveling alone already requires some care, when we travel with our children the worries and care multiply. So that you don’t forget anything important, we’ll help you know exactly what to pack in your little one’s bags and what precautions to take so that everyone can enjoy the vacation to the fullest!

Planning to travel with children?

When a family with young children decides to travel, organization and planning in advance are essential and make all the difference for the trip to be enjoyed.

Once you decide where to go, research everything about the hotel, the city, and the sights. Find out what is included in the price, which means of transport will be used and which are the best sights for the little ones to visit. Try to schedule each day’s activities in advance, taking into account the limits of children, who always get tired more quickly than adults.

Planning helps you forecast expenses and know exactly what you need to pack in their suitcase.

What to pack in the children’s bags?

With all the details of the trip defined, the long-awaited time arrives and all that’s left is to pack your bags to leave. What to bring?!

It doesn’t matter if this is your first trip with the kids or not. At each stage, children have a different routine and that is why it is always necessary to think very carefully about what to pack.

With that in mind, we created a list of necessary items to include in the children’s bags according to their age. Hygiene items, clothes, first aid kit, documents, etc. You can’t remember everything, can you?

You can download the list for free, include and exclude as many items as you like, and print to help you pack.

Checklist: What to pack in your children’s bags 

In addition to the checklist above, we’ve put together important tips for you to keep in mind while you’re packing:


In order not to take the wrong amount of clothes, the tip is to pack the bags already separating each set with the combinations of the bottom and top, as well as shoes and sweaters. Create the full outfit.

Take at least two changes of clothes per day, as the little ones are always getting dirty. For babies, take three outfits if you’re going to a place where you don’t have a chance to wash their clothes during the trip.

If you’re heading to a summer destination, pack your pool clothes, including sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen. Pack carefully because the little ones might want to jump into the water as soon as they arrive!

If you go somewhere that doesn’t have towels, bring microfiber towels that fold very compactly and save a lot of space in your bags.


If your little one is still in diapers, remove them from their packages and fill the outside pockets of your bags to save space. Baby wipes are handy for everything, so it’s a good idea to carry them around in large quantities and keep them in your purse and always have them on hand.

Shampoos, moisturizing creams, toothpaste, and liquid soaps should be sealed in a zip lock inside the bags to prevent leakage. Don’t forget sunscreen, insect repellent, and after-sun lotion for children’s sensitive skin.

To save space and carry less weight, try to use products that cater to the whole family, if possible. Also, look for those with small packages or put them in smaller travel jars.

First Aid Kit

Always have some basic items on hand such as a thermometer and, if possible, an inhaler. It is also good to take nasal solution, ointment for stings, band aids, and any medications such as those for allergies or pain. Take the medicines that they are used to taking, as you may not find them in the city you are visiting, especially if you are traveling abroad.


If the baby is exclusively breastfeeding, there’s not much to take with them besides the nursing pads, if the mother usually uses them. If the baby is bottle-feeding and you are not sure if you will find the formula in the destination city, bring enough formula for at least the first few days.

For older children, it is always a good idea to carry some plastic containers to keep healthy snacks in your bag during your outings. Bring a bottle of water for each child so you can fill them in the drinking fountains throughout the day.

Baby’s Daily Routine

Of course, babies and very young children require some special care, and therefore more items in the bag. Although most hotels provide sheets for cribs, bring an extra set to change overnight if needed.

Most of the time when traveling with children, it’s good to bring a stroller. If your destination has streets that are difficult to access, another option is to take a baby carrier. The little ones get tired easily and will ask to be held throughout the day. The stroller helps children take a nap and saves parents from carrying them around. Choose one that leans back, protects them from the sun, and even has a basket underneath to store your bags.

Toys and Distractions

If driving around the city with the children is already a challenge for many parents, spending hours in the car, on the plane, or the bus with the little ones requires many entertainment strategies. Take one or two of their favorite toys and load up your phone or tablet with the kids’ favorite games and videos.

It’s also worth taking some children’s books – telling a good story can calm them down and even make your child fall asleep!


When traveling with children, always carry the child’s identity card or birth certificate. It is a good idea to also have a certified copy of these documents in case you lose them on the trip. When traveling internationally, remember your passport and also take a certified copy of it.

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